Interfaith delegation meets with Barbara Lee

Interfaith delegation and Barbara Lee 

On Wed, 8/19  chapter members Larry Hendel, Susannah Nachenberg and Ellen Brotsky participated in a meeting with Rep. Barbara Lee as part of an interfaith delegation.

The purpose of the meeting was to:

1) express our support and appreciation for her strong stand in favor of the Iran treaty and for her support of several other issues related to Israel/Palestine:  Skip the Speech, the letter to John Kerry regarding detention of Palestinian children, calling for an end to the Gaza blockade, and the proposed Susiya demolitions.
2) explain why those in the delegation supported BDS and to ask her not to support any legislation which attempts to suppress BDS.
3)  find out from her how we can support her on Israel/Palestine issues as well as in general

The delegation also provided her with JVP national congressional office backgrounders on Iran and BDS, as well as the recent statement by 1,000 African American activists on Palestine solidarity.

The participants were:

  •     Larry Hendel, JVP Bay Area member and Interfaith Peace Builders local representative
  •     Rabbi Shifra Tobacman, member of the JVP Rabbinical Council
  •     Gerald LeNoir, Board Member of Interfaith Peace Builders and organizer of the African-American Heritage Delegation to Palestine
  •     Michael Yoshii, Senior Pastor, Buena Vista United Methodist Church
  •     Ashara Ekundayo,  educator and community activist, co-founder of Oakland Impact Hub, visited  I/P last year with the IFPB African Heritage delegation.   
  •     Angela Blackwell,  music educator and community activist in Oakland, also visited I/P last year with the IFPB African Heritage delegation
  •     Rochelle Gause, representing North American Friends of Sabeel
  •     Ellen Brotsky, Coordinating Committee member, JVP-Bay Area
  •     Susannah Nachenberg, JVP Chapter staff