November Community Meeting

Guest speaker Lillian Rosengarten, author of:


Survival  and Conscience  

From  the  Shadows  of  Nazi  Germany   to  the  Jewish  Boat  for  Gaza


In  1937,  when  Lillian  Rosengarten  was  a  toddler,  her  family  fled  Nazi   Germany,  for  New  York.  But  even  there,  the  legacy  of  the  Nazis'   brutality  continued  to  cast  a  shadow  over  her  family  for  many  decades.   In  her book Survival and Conscience,  Rosengarten  describes  how  she   faced  those  challenges  and  came  to  understand  that  all  forms  of   extreme  nationalism  and  race  hatred  must  be  combated,  together.   Along  with  many  other  refugees  from  Nazism  and  survivors  of  the   Holocaust,  she  became  a  strong  advocate  of  Palestinian  rights.  In  2010,   she  joined  the  “Jewish  Boat  to  Gaza”,  designed  to  break  Israel’s   punishing  blockade  of  Gaza.  

Copies of her book, Survival and Conscience, will be for sale at the event.

Lillian  Rosengarten is  a  clinical  social  worker  and  psychoanalyst.   She  is  a  poet,  writer,  mother,  grandmother,  and  progressive  human   rights  activist.  Her  writings  have  been  published  on   and  elsewhere.  Lillian  practices  meditation  and  has  traveled  broadly,   pursuing  her  interest  in  Buddhism  and  other  ways  of understanding   the world.

November 13, 2016 at 6:30pm - 9pm
South Berkeley Senior Center
2939 Ellis
Berkeley, CA 94703
United States
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