Stop AB 2844!


Help Stop AB 2844 - Contact the CA Senate now!

 AB 2844 seeks to chill activism opposing the Israeli government’s well-documented abuses by stigmatizing  and threatening with criminal sanctions any contractors with the state -- including companies, churches, nonprofits, and individuals -- who choose not to do business with Israel.

Tell our state legislators that our tax dollars should not be used to defend Israel’s abuses and they should not be bullied by the Israel lobby to defend Israel’s abuses.


See the ACLU statement119 and the California Council of Churches statement120 opposing AB 2844, and the LA Times editorial Boycotts of Israel are a protected form of free speech121.

Tell the Senate Appropriations Committee to vote no on AB 2844 when it is heard Aug 1, 2016: 916-651-4101;

Write to your state senator.

Lonnie Hancock (district 9) -

Mark Leno (district 11) –

For other CA senators: